Create Interactive Campaign sites, Landing pages,
Infographics and Pictures in HTML5 format in minutes!

Save cost, time and resources No encoding needed Fully customizable Responsive design Free to use

Create interactive graphics and presentations with hotspots including YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 videos, rich text, and images in HTML5 format, and promote on any web sites, Facebook Apps page, or social media platform.

What normally takes web programmers days to prepare, you can now do in minutes. You don't need to know how to write a single code. Save costs, resources and valuable time by create your own interactive theme today - it's free.

This UniClicker tutorial will give you an idea of how you can easily customize and insert any content into your own project - Mouse-over any icon and see more information inside the interactive hotspots.

Create a landing page in HTML5 format - fast and easy
Get a tour of the most romantic places in the world - Get inspiration for your next project.
Interactive presentations are perfect for creating virtual floor plans - Get inspiration for your next project.
Create a campaign site - Perfect for eCommerce - Insert a registration form and collect the data you need to generate new leads for your database.
Create any product or service presentation - Include all of the information inside the interactive hotspots - Perfect for campaign sites and landing pages.
Create interactive product presentations, e.g. for fashion clothes. Insert videos, links to shopping cart, images and promote anywhere.

Create a landing page in HTML5 format - fast and easy
Create a campaign or landing site to promote products and services.

Create virtual product presentations and tutorials
Create a floor plan or map and insert hotspots with interactive content.

Create virtual virtual and interactive floorplans and maps

Click to see an UniClicker sample with the 2014`s Oscar Nominees on Facebook Apps page.

Promote instantly on Facebook Apps pages
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